Pledge Your Gratitude and Commitment!

Members and pledging friends: Now is the time to renew your annual financial commitment to your congregation for the upcoming church year. Consistent with our River Theme this year, gratitude is flowing to ensure a vibrant and vital program for our congregation and the greater community.

In accordance with the UUCM bylaws, a financial commitment is required every year to keep your membership current or to be a pledging friend. You have three ways to make your annual financial commitment:

Pledge Now•    Make your financial commitment online and set up electronic payments
•    Mail your financial commitment form to the church office
•    Pick up/drop off your financial commitment form at the Gratitude and Commitment table.

A Gratitude and Commitment table will be set up in the foyer and near the coffee and snack area after the 10:30 a.m. service each Sunday in March. Drop by the table to turn in your financial commitment form or ask questions. Don't forget to pick up your "√ I Did It!" sticker for your name tag!

Is a minimum financial commitment required?
While there is no required minimum commitment, it is helpful to understand that our annual cost to serve one adult is approximately $2,000. Each person is asked to make a financial commitment that is as generous as your personal circumstances allow.

When do I pay?
Your financial commitment is due by April 17, 2016. Payments begin in the new fiscal year, which starts July 1.

Commitments due:   NOW or by April 17, 2016
Payments occur:   July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017

What are my payment options?
You may pay by:
•    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): This is our preferred method. If you choose, UUCM will automatically withdraw your financial commitment payment from your checking account. We'll still send you quarterly statements. Fill out an Authorization Form  or PAY ONLINE. Having trouble? Email
•    Check: When you receive your statement(s) in the mail , send either a paper check or an electronic "check" through your online banking account.
•    Credit card: We accept this payment method for your convenience, but please note that UUCM is charged a transaction fee (about 2.75%) for each credit card payment. Fill out an Authorization form or PAY ONLINE. We'll still send you quarterly statements. Having trouble? Email
•    Securities Transfer: If you choose this option, please notify the UUCM administrator before the transfer occurs.

Why do I need to make a new financial commitment each year?
According to church bylaws and good accounting practices, each member and pledging friend needs to make a commitment to support UUCM each year. We cannot assume that you intend to commit the same amount every year.

Remember, your financial commitment is due by April 17, 2016: Make Your Commitment Online | Print Paper Form

Questions about UUCM's Gratitude and Commitment process? Email Questions about YOUR commitment or financial commitment history? Email