Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin

Minister’s Musings

December, 2014
Rev. Chip Wright, Minister

It is good to be back from my sabbatical. It was a good ten-week break, and a needed one. I did get a chance to do some focused writing, about ten thousand words on the book I have in the works. Lisa and I also got a chance to go down to Nogales, Mexico and have some conversations with several of the groups working with the large influx of youth from Central America. The flow of these youth had slowed when we got there, and most of those who were caught in that episode had been moved to detention centers in El Paso. Many were placed from there into homes across the nation while the immigration process is stalled in Congress.

When visiting my dad, who lives about 30 miles from Nogales, our time was cut short. We  received news that my brother Bill was in critical condition at Marin General Hospital with severe pancreatitis. We headed home right away.  Bill was in very bad shape on our arrival. At home that next week I received a call from Rolly's daughter informing me he had died. We decided to stay in town so I could officiate at Rolly's memorial service. During that time I received a call from John Severinghaus telling me Scott Merrick was very ill as well. So it seemed best to stay around and be available with short trips to our retreat in Mendocino. 

We did manage to have a family reunion for Lisa's family which went very nicely, but right afterwards her brother-in-law fell off his roof in Pacifica and broke all his ribs on one side, puncturing his lung and diaphragm.  He is on ventilation at SF General, recovering slowly after emergency surgery. So it was good we were around, and considering all that happened, it was still a good rest. I'm happy to be back, and look forward to seeing you all as the new year unfolds!

Rev. Chip


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