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Another summer is past — it seems like just yesterday that I was getting ready to head off to Portland and General Assembly. Lisa and I had packed our bags and said goodbye to our dogs, which we left in the care of our granddaughter Violet Sky, who is now of an age to take on such a job — as long as Dad’s willing to drive her  from Sebastopol to Petaluma. Which he was.  

Portland was hot when we arrived, in the 90’s, a record heat wave. Though it was nice in our air conditioned room, it did bring on a cold. Still, Lisa and I managed to see many of our old friends and members from my Yakima and Port Angeles churches, as well as six or eight members of UUCM. We went to all the UU Ministers Association programming and business meetings, which were early in the week, then did the same with General Assembly which started in the middle of the week. 

 When we got back home from GA, our dogs were ready and waiting at the door. If you are a dog person, you know how nice that is for both the people and the dogs. Freedom School had already started, so on the third morning after we returned, Lisa and I headed down to Marin City to fulfill our commitments through July. It was a good experience, and a first-hand reality check on the depth and seriousness of issues around education in this marginalized community. It was particularly helpful in comprehending the achievement gap in Marin and understanding just who gets crippled by it. 

 In August, we finally got some time off to spend at our place in Mendocino. I had some time to work on my newest book, polish up some songs I’ve been working on, and read some of the newest archeological mags and other science reading I like to do. Lisa worked in the yard, planting huckleberries and blueberries while keeping the 16 new Coastal Redwoods we planted well-watered.  

 And now, the new church year is about to start….. hard to believe it’s our seventh year together, with such good energy and potential, so much possibility ahead!  

 So don’t forget to bring your water, stones, and other symbols for our altar on Ingathering Sunday, September 13th. Our church year and Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) both begin that Sunday. How auspicious for our annual opening to fall on the same days as the High Holy Days -- Mazel Tov!




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