Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin

Minister’s Musings

March, 2015

March at UUCM is our time to gather the financial support for our coming program year.

Every penny you commit to the life of this institution is used wisely and in the work of sustaining this liberal spiritual religious home. As a full-service institution with ministry and religious education for adults and children, as well as music, administration, and all the rest, there is a cost. It is up to us, the members and friends of this unique spiritual garden, to gather together and share this cost.

We are by no means a poor congregation. We have significant funds in several endowment lines and we sit on a priceless property. Still, we continue to draw on our endowment reserves, a pattern we have developed over the last ten years or so, to pay for the congregational life we enjoy. It would be wonderful if we could fund our operations without this draw-down. That means that we need to step up our financial giving. Along with the Board members, I have increased my pledge by 10% (Lisa and I are considering more) to try and help shift this culture of reliance on the endowment for operating funds.

Can you imagine using our endowment funds to broaden our outreach into the larger community? We serve a larger truth in addition to caring for our own personal needs.  Every time I am up on our gorgeous and tranquil UUCM hillside, I look out over the valley below and my born-and-bred Unitarian Universalist gut knows that the world out there is stressed, and could use the hope, caring hearts, and connections that our congregation offers. So I'm asking you to please step up and stretch at least 10%, if not more, to help shift our financial picture so that we can use these wonderful endowment funds we hold for wider and more powerful programming.


Rev. Chip


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