Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin

Minister’s Musings

June, 2014
Rev. Chip Wright, Minister

Summer has arrived and I look out my window. My cactus has shot up to over four foot tall and has more paddles than you can count and lots of yellow flowers. Hard to believe that it was just ten inches high and only two hands when I planted it three years ago.  It's remarkable what good roots, the right soil, and care can do.  And once again those wonderful purple flowers that spring from bulbs planted here before we moved in have brought out their globe like domes. Each stem topped with a profusion of flowers, like the hair of Medusa, and this morning dancing with busy bees.

And this summer we are just as busy, having put in place for the first time a Summer R.E. program. This planned RE time for children adds another layer to the high quality of our summer programming that also includes the best seminary students we can find will be speaking.   We are trying to address the current needs of our members as well as those people who traditionally relocate during the summer and are in need of schools and churches for the family.  It is exciting that we are now going to let families as well as paired and single adults know about and participate in the fullness of our liberal religious community. It's not unlike the flowers in my yard whose nectar attracts bees; this kind of activity at the church brings in new folks.  And even if they don't return, like a community of bees they let others know about what they have discovered.

As we move into our sixth year together we are poised on a whole new time at UUCM.  We step into this future with a stability that has not been seen here in over 30 years.  We can do tremendous things if we nurture our roots, care for one and another, and continue to build deeper and richer soils in which to plant the new!

Rev. Chip

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