Rev. ChipRev. Chip Wright is a third generation Unitarian Universalist clergyman and a native of the north coast of California. He has traveled and lived in many and varied places. In his journeys he has come to appreciate a wide variety of wisdom from the world’s religions.

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After growing up in Marin and the surrounding counties he traveled extensively for over twelve years.

He lived in many lands and came to know a variety of people and cultures. He has lived from the remote upper Amazon of Peru to as Far East as the Philippines and the South China Sea. His book, Through the Heart of the Spider is an intriguing and informative chronicle of his experience in the tribal zones of Afghanistan and Pakistan before the Russian invasion.

Rev. Wright has an insatiable curiosity and in his work as a Liberal clergyman continues to be fascinated with how we make meaning and where this human effort finds core value in a spiritual, religious, and inner life. One of his lifelong efforts has been to understand and then articulate how meaning and values are defined in community culture and individuality. As a student of science he also brings with him a keen grasp of reason and logic. His Liberal religious upbringing has supported his curious nature and allowed him to expand ever larger a broad spectrum and depth of thought. Rev Wright brings an exciting vibrant spiritually and an intellectually intriguing voice to the pulpit of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin.

Rev. Wright was initiated into the Giri sect of yoga while living in India in the early 1970’s and has been a practicing Yogi for over 35 years. He also lived in Balkh, Afghanistan, the birth place of Rumi and during that time with the Sufi, he came to know and love that rich tradition and practice as well. Grateful for the support which he received throughout his life from his Unitarian Universalist upbringing Rev. Wright has become an impassioned voice for the importance of liberal religion in the human search for truth and meaning. He received his Masters of Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, CA and has served Unitarian Universalist churches since 1994.

Rev Chip also has nurtured a lifelong love of music and song which he uses at times to complement a varied and rich tapestry of thinking, questioning and writing. As a teen in the early 1960’s he was contracted as a studio Musician and performer by White Whale records and RCA studios in Los Angeles. He worked as a guitarist and singer until 1966 when he became a draft resistor. He is also a published Author, novelist, licensed California State contractor, sculptor, carpenter, cabinet maker, electrician, mechanic, cook, free diver, fisherman and avid kayaker. All passions and skills he developed over the intervening years. He lives with his partner, Rev. Lisa Wiggins, also a Unitarian Universalist minister serving the UU fellowship of Los Gatos, CA and their two standard poodles, Lana and Cuati. He is delighted to have his two sons and three of his grandchildren living in the area.

Rev. Chip is home here. This is the church where he attended his first religious education classes and his father was the founding minister. He is in our Pulpit three Sundays a month Sept through June. Come and enjoy his services and our friendly Liberal religious community! 

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