Minister’s Musings

February, 2014
Rev. Chip Wright, Minister

Last week I was thinking that I had better call for a rain dance'. I don't know if many folks would actually come but anything seemed worth a try. That's where my mind wandered with the drought seeming so inevitable. But then I had a gift given to me. I went in for a haircut and in the process I was talking to the woman who was cutting my hair. She was nice, probably mid forties and we bantered around topics, the first of course being the Super Bowl.
I have always been a Seahawks Fan, or as much of a fan as a person who in the end really doesn't care all that much about any sport, can be. So I was sharing how happy I was that they had finally won a Super Bowl. And to my surprise she said, " Yea they deserve it, I watched the game and loved it.". Now this was not what I was expecting to hear in the Bay area where the 49ers had lost to Seattle to be taken out of the running for the Super Bowl.
"Yea I like Seattle," she said. "People say it rains all the time there but it is beautiful." Having lived in the Puget Sound area myself all I could do was say, "Yep you're right, beautiful. But I wish we could get some of that rain here."
She just smiled and said, " We will, it gets wet in February, I lived out on the Russian River and February is always wet. We're gonna get rain, it ain't over till it's over. March can have lots of rain. My house was flooded then too."
I had to laugh at myself because she was right. I could remember any number of years with all kinds of wet weather in February and March both. I thought to myself, what a pessimist I was being.
I'm still thinking I will call for a rain dance however, but to celebrate the rain and remember it has its own way of doing things, that's not necessarily mine or the over populated, and over agriculture driven state of California's. Good to remember.

Rev. Chip