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For your convenience, we've posted descriptions of this month's sermon topics and speakers.

May 31, 2015: "Feet, Eyes, Heart (Cry)"

Kevin Mann and Rev. Mary McKinnon Ganz with Rodney Gothelf, Worship Associate

Eight members of the Faithful Fools Street Ministry recently returned from a week long retreat on the streets of San Francisco, sleeping in doorways and standing in food lines the way many of our Tenderloin neighbors do. Starr King student Kevin Mann and Rev. Mary McKinnon Ganz share some of what they learned and experienced during this week full of joy and sorrow. 

The Faithful Fools have been a presence in the Tenderloin since they were founded in 1998 by a Unitarian Universalist minister and a Franciscan sister. We invite our neighbors in for arts and education programs, and we invite students in to learn our way of walking through a neighborhood that many are warned away from. We venture forth from our Hyde Street home to walk with others who need accompaniment to make the life changes they are yearning for, and to raise our voices on behalf of the City's poorest residents, under increasing pressure in a boom time economy. We invite you to walk with us. 

Kevin Alan Mann is a Community Advocacy Intern with Faithful Fools Street Ministry.



June 7, 2015: "Ripple in Still Water’"

Rev Chip Wright, with Nani Ranken, Worship Associate

Death is a constant, as is life and birth. The cycles roll out and we struggle to understand.
The language of metaphor is a good tool at these times. today, poetry, prose, psalms and songs.



June 14, 2015: "Celebration and Thanks"

Rev Chip Wright & Jeff Melcher DRE, with Joel Gluck , Worship Associate

Today we recognize our RE program and all of the volunteers who have made this last year in Religious Education so rich and full. From bridges to OWL folks!
Please don’t miss this celebration of our fellow UUCMers.
And some fun stuff too!  (It’s the end of the year Pot luck!, bring your best dish!)



June 21, 2015: "Dualism: The Big Deception"

Rev Bob Drake, with Jason Stearns, Worship Associate

In every day of our lives, we operate as if our separation from others is obvious.  We take for granted that mind or spirit vs body, God vs Creation, physical vs spiritual, life vs death, good vs evil, win vs lose, heaven vs hell, self vs other, old vs young, right vs wrong or real vs unreal are all truly distinct.  These dualisms, learned from our religions and philosophies separate us from the rest of everything and they may all be illusions.  We will talk about where dualism comes from and will think about what our world might be like if we were to transcend either-or thinking. I will suggest that the dualistic mindset is the single most destructive notion in our lives and we will try to get a glimpse of what it might be like if we lived as if all things are unified and universal.

 Rev Bob Drake is a long time UU Marin member.   He just completed his Master of Divinity at the San Francisco Theological Seminary where he is adjunct Professor of Restorative Justice, Trauma and Spirituality.  Bob also has a Master's degree in Conflict Resolution.   He is a clinical interfaith hospice chaplain and has started a new ministry: Ocean Soul Renewal,  leading workshops for those going through significant loss, life change or are in need of finding new hope and meaning.  Bob is an ordained interfaith minister and an aspirant for ordination as a Unitarian Universalist Minister.


June 28, 2015: "Science and Spirituality"

Geri Randall, with Nani Ranken, Worship Associate

Questions to be raised: Outside its traditional religious context, what is "spirituality"? Can spirituality be non-secular? Are science and spirituality harmonious? Does spirituality require belief in the supernatural? Does the scientific method require rejection of that which cannot be observed, measured, quantified, explained? Inspired in part by Einstein’s statement, "My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind."

Geri Randall is an attorney whose career has been as a neutral arbitrator and mediator of labor and employment disputes. She first came to UUCM in the late 1970's, leaving in 2002 when she moved to Hawaii. She rejoined UUCM two years ago after returning to the Bay Area.