Upcoming Services

For your convenience, we've posted descriptions of this month's sermon topics and speakers.

November 29, 2015: "Soul Food"

Rev. Chip Wright, with Valerie Taylor, Worship Associate

When you come to find that thing which feeds your soul, there is a place inside that opens to a  larger understanding. There comes with it a nourishment, one that is not only enriching but elevating and joyful. This is an evolution of the spirit well worth the search. 

December 13, 2015: "The Story of Christmas"

Rev. Chip Wright

We live in a world that holds scripture as historical documents, literal. However, approaching biblical tales as allegories laced with metaphor is how Unitarian Universalists have understood the values of scripture. Today we unpack the story of Christmas in our liberal religious way.

December 20, 2015: "Winter Solstice"

Rev. Chip Wright

This time of the year should be spent in good cheer, where neighbors share the fire, where old grudges are forgot, sorrows set aside, as we share the stories and songs of winter that help hold the cold at bay!

December 24, 2015: "Christmas Eve"

Revs. Chip Wright and Lisa Wiggins

(As usual, the collection for both services will go toward the Ministers Reserve Fund, which is used to help members and the community in need. Please be generous!)

5:00 PM - Family friendly Service-  Carols and  “The Mouse Hole Cat”

7:00 PM - Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

Join in as we come together in song and story this Christmas Eve.

We will share stories of the Christmas season, songs and carols, our traditional candle lighting and walk of the luminaries to hot cider cookies and good company!!!