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For your convenience, we've posted descriptions of this month's sermon topics and speakers.

August 2, 2015: "Translations of Cheer"

Jessica Clay, with Jason Stearns, Worship Associate

Sometimes faith feels like the telephone game. We each have our own experience, but when we try to convey it to another we end up getting lost in translation. Throughout our rich history there are stories of our elders reaching to find their truth and translating it for us. Come let us worship together as we explore the past and let it inform the present to guide each of us on our spiritual journeys.



August 9, 2015: "Chewing on Climate Change; is our diet a moral choice?"

Carol Crabill, with Joel Gluck, Worship Associate

What we eat is a matter of personal taste, isn’t it? Or are our decisions about what to eat actually moral choices?  How does the food we eat impact the planet?  Do our food choices have anything to do with Climate Change? Sure, the greenhouse gas methane is produced by animal agriculture but isn’t the bigger problem carbon dioxide? Why bother with methane? And what do our food choices say about our “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part”, the Seventh Principle of Unitarian Universalism? UUs love to sink their teeth into hard moral choices so let’s chew on all this together.
Carol Crabill is a member of the Unitarian Universalists of Petaluma congregation and she is a member of the Climate Diet Team of 350Marin. Carol moved to Petaluma two years ago from Davis in order to be near her daughter and grandchildren. She has been politically active most of her life and has worked for several non-profit organizations, including the California Institute for Rural Studies which focused on food, water and agriculture issues. Carol has a BA in English and an MA in philosophy from the University of California, Davis and briefly taught contemporary ethics at California State University, Sacramento.



August 16, 2015: "Spirit Within"

Jessica Clay, with Linda Haumann, Worship Associate

In times of stress and loss it can be difficult to ground oneself and feel connected; spiritual practices often bring us back to ourselves. Yet with so many different views amongst Unitarian Universalists, it is often easier to say what we aren't than what we are. Join us as we explore how having a common theology that we approach the world with can help us as we rise to meet the challenges of today.

Jessica Clay is entering into her last year of seminary at Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, CA and is a Candidate for Fellowship with the UUA. During her time at Starr King she has been involved in student body leadership filling the role of Vice-President her first year, and President this past year. She has her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Pacific University and comes to ministry as a second career. Her call to ministry came within the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica, and she was a very active member prior to moving to Berkeley teaching RE, serving on the nominating committee and co-chairing the green committee. Since moving to Berkeley in 2013 she has immersed herself in school, pulpit supply preaching, traveling to Transylvania, and volunteering at San Quentin.




August 23, 2015: "Readers Theatre"

Jan Seagrave, with Karen Auroy, Worship Associate

To be announced.



August 30, 2015: "How to Live in Sin"

Rev Jay Atkinson, with Sue Fleckles, Worship Associate

Government corruption, corporate greed, institutional racism, economic imperialism—these and more are the social and structural sins that surround us, in which we are trapped and are often complicit against our wills, often even against our knowledge.  How do we strive to live with moral integrity in such a world, and work to oppose its values, without being dragged down to its level?