Upcoming Services

For your convenience, we've posted descriptions of this month's sermon topics and speakers.

February 14, 2016: "The Heart of Empathic Service: A Celebration!"

Paul R. Kaufman, with Joan Nelson, Worship Associate Emerita

Come, take a journey to the very heart of empathic service. Inspired by true, life-changing stories of people helping one another, we’ll also use moments of quiet reflection to explore the empathic heart at work. From bold moves to restore health and hope to survivors of war, to volunteer efforts protecting children at risk, we’ll discover the social and spiritual dynamics of serving others and…unearth a great treasure.

Paul R. Kaufman is co-author with Daniel Goleman and Michael Ray of “The Creative Spirit” and writer-producer with Bill Moyers on the Peabody Award-wining series “The Public Mind.” Paul’s documentary films and videos reveal the breadth and depth of empathic service. A long-time meditator, he continues to investigate the science and mystery of the inner life.

February 21, 2016: "Get Off My Lawn!"

Rev. Michael Walker, with Nani Ranken, Worship Associate

Our guest preacher examines how the world has changed so much and so fast – and what that means to us spiritually. He writes: "Just how adaptable are we – or is human adaptability only a myth? And why do I gripe about that kid hot-rodding down the street and -- my god! -- didn’t that just sound like my dad talking?" 

Rev. Mike Walker was born and raised in California and was ordained in the San Francisco UU church. He has served UU churches in California, Washington, and currently, in central Pennsylvania, as well as at a UU retreat center in Massachusetts. He is pleased to be back in the Bay Area to visit old friends and show his partner, Glenn Morrison, around his old stomping grounds.

February 28, 2016: "Just a Taste of Spring"

Rev Chip Wright, with Michael Lessin, Worship Associate

As climate change starts to force us into new understandings of how we engage with our planet, the ways we understood the seasons we once knew may need to change as well.