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For your convenience, we've posted descriptions of this month's sermon topics and speakers.

August 30, 2015: "How to Live in Sin"

Rev. Dr. Jay Atkinson, with Sue Fleckles, Worship Associate

Government corruption, corporate greed, institutional racism, economic imperialism—these and more are the social and structural sins that surround us, in which we are trapped and are often complicit against our wills, often even against our knowledge.  How do we strive to live with moral integrity in such a world, and work to oppose its values, without being dragged down to its level?

September 6, 2015: "No Job No Food"

Meredith Guest , with Nani Ranken, Worship Associate

In his brilliant little book Ishmael, Daniel Quinn makes the astute observation that every culture has a Story. Anyone with the temerity to contradict, challenge, or defy this Story is subject to a very effective punishment, albeit one you might not expect or even notice. Continuing the theme of Labor Day, let’s take a look at what this punishment is, how it has played out in the life of someone who has defied the Story, and what we might do in response.

Meredith Guest lives in Sonoma County with her partner and a bunch of rescued animals on what has become a small wildlife preserve. She substitute teaches in various schools in Petaluma and is active in trying to create habitat for Monarch butterflies. Long ago and far away she was a Southern Baptist minister who got fired and became a Montessori educator. Eventually, she came out as transgender and for several years thereafter was a member of the Unitarian Universalist congregation of Petaluma (UUP) where she still attends. She has two grown and quite wonderful children.

September 13, 2015: "Ingathering and Rosh Hashanah "

Rev Chip Wright, with (Name), Worship Associate

Bring your water and other symbolic items to help build our Altar of ingathering as we reaffirm another new program year together. Today is also Rosh Hashanah, marking the beginning of a new year and the High Holy days of Judaism.

September 20, 2015: "Yom Kippur "

Rev Chip Wright, with Linda Haumann, Worship Associate

As Jewish tradition is one of the sources we draw upon as Unitarian Universalists, this Sunday we celebrate our connection to this old and rich tradition with some  thoughts on atonement and what that can offer us. 

September 27, 2015: "What has changed?"

Rev Chip Wright, with Karen Auroy, Worship Associate

Some reflection on the year of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and what has changed in our Nation and what has not since last Fall.