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Our Traditional Service is held from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. each Sunday. For your convenience, we've posted descriptions of this month's sermon topics and speakers.

October 2, 2016: "Whatever Became of Guilt?" Jewish High Holy Days Service

Rev. Joy Atkinson

We Unitarian Universalists boast a “guilt-free” religion, without the threat of eternal punishment for our wrongdoings. Freedom from religious guilt is liberating for many of us. The emotional experience of guilt can certainly be debilitating. But can guilt also be useful and motivating? Does guilt have a positive side?

October 9, 2016: "Election 2016"

Meredith Guest

I once had a student who was severely dyslexic. One day, while building a 3D scale model of our classroom out of folded cardstock paper, a couple of my students and I were puzzling about how and where to add an internal window when the dyslexic student came over, and with only a glance, told us exactly what to do. Turns out his handicap gave him a unique perspective particularly useful in solving our problem. Using my uncommon perspective as a transgender woman and employing my southern heritage as a storyteller, I want to take a look at the upcoming election and offer what I hope will be some useful insights. 

Meredith Guest is a writer and educator who lives on an acre and a quarter in Sonoma County, which, with the help of her partner, has become a mini-wildlife sanctuary. She is an out and visible male-to-female transsexual, and in a life long ago and far away, she was a Southern Baptist minister, proving that God does have a sense of humor – and a wicked one at that. You can find more about Meredith and read her blog at: www.meredithguest.net, or you can buy her memoir, Son, I Like Your Dress, from Lulu press.

October 23, 2016: "Co-Creating a Sacred America"

Stephen Dinan

"Co-creating a Sacred America" will focus on how we can bring our spiritual practices and principles into the public sphere in a way that is unifying rather than divisive. We’ll start to heal our political warfare and work together on solutions that fulfill America’s higher mission.

Stephen Dinan is the founder and CEO of The Shift Network, which offers virtual summits, online courses, and training. A visionary political strategist, his new bestselling book, Sacred America, Sacred World, shows how we can discover higher solutions in areas from peace-building to campaign finance reform, from micro-finance to the path to a zero carbon economy, and it calls us into sacred citizenship by offering inspiring solutions and innovative, bridge-building examples that are ultimately based in oneness rather than in our separation. He was previously a senior staffer for both the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and Esalen Institute. At IONS he was the driving force behind the Shift in Action program; at Esalen, he directed and helped to create the Center for Theory and Research—a think tank for scholars, researchers, and teachers to explore human potential frontiers. A graduate of Stanford University, Stephen holds a master’s degree in east-west psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is also a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council and Evolutionary Leaders groups. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family.