Upcoming Services

Our Traditional Service is held from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. each Sunday. For your convenience, we've posted descriptions of this month's sermon topics and speakers.

July 3, 2016: "Declaration of Interdependence"

Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck, with Jason Stearns, Worship Associate

The myths of independence and self-reliance are part of a deep wound in the American soul. This wound leads both to violence against anyone deemed to be “other” and to global ecological catastrophe. It prevents us from reaching our goals of freedom and equality for all. How can we heal the wound and heal the world? 

Rev. Dr. Leisa Huyck was an ecologist for 20 years before becoming a minister. She is called to help our culture make the spiritual transformation we need in order to live sustainably on our beautiful, blue-green planet, with love and justice for all.

July 10, 2016: "Stigma - Sticks and Stones?"

Julie Prenticewith Michael Lessin, Worship Associate

Our First Principle celebrates the “Inherent worth and dignity of every person.” We believe in this principle and strive as UUs to put it into practice in our daily lives. As we learn more about the tremendous power of words to hurt, we can examine our own use of words to describe some of the most vulnerable and stigmatized in our society: those with mental health challenges. Let us explore how we stigmatize, how we use stereotypes and labels, and how changing our language can change how we embrace the “inherent worth” of our all our friends, families, and loved ones who experience mental health challenges.

Julie has been writing since her teenage years. She moved to California last year and lives with her soulmate and husband Ed and her cat. A long time UU, she's been an ASL interpreter, teacher, and peer supporter of persons with mental health challenges.

July 17, 2016: "The Inner Light: Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Early Christian Teachings"

Kayleen Asbo, Ph.Dwith Karen Auroy, Worship Associate

Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D will be speaking on The Gospel of Thomas and The Gospel of Mary- two early Christian books which were banned and suppressed in the 4th century. These so-called Gnostic texts present Jesus as a wisdom teacher whose teachings offer liberation from ignorance by connecting us to our own deepest truths, and Mary Magdalene as the student of his inner circle who best understood and manifested his teachings.

"If you bring forth what is inside of you, what is inside of you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is inside of you, what is inside of you will destroy you"
- The Gospel of Thomas

Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D, is a cultural historian whose dissertation was on "Passion and Paradox: The Myths of Mary Magdalene in Art, Music and Culture." She has lectured on Mary Magdalene for the San Francisco Opera, at Chartres Cathedral in France, for the  Assisi Institute of Depth Psychology in Italy, at Oxford University, and for churches, seminaries, and spiritual and psychology centers throughout the country. She is a faculty member of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes at UC Berkeley and Dominican University, where her seminars on Mary Magdalene have been hailed as "profoundly illuminating" and "a total revelation."

July 24, 2016: "The Divine is in the Details"

UUCM Readers Theater, with Linda Haumann, Worship Associate

UUCM's own Readers' Theater will present dramatic readings of several short plays, poems, and flash fiction pieces by well-known authors that take a lighthearted look at religion, in times and places you'd least expect it. How about 1953, when Elvis meets Jesus and Moses? When "God's Blog" gets a bit snarky on the first Day 7? You'll find more of the divine in the details of "The Orange," "Ode to Hardware Stores," and Woody Allen's "Mr. Big." Come to this service if you want to laugh!

UUCM Readers' Theater (UURT), now in its sixth year, is a dozen adult members and friends of our congregation who gather twice a month to read plays, fiction, poetry, and other literature aloud. We have performed several times a year during Sunday services. We welcome new members; for information, contact janseagrave@gmail.com. UURT is a program of the UUCM Adult Education Committee.