Upcoming Services

For your convenience, we've posted descriptions of this month's sermon topics and speakers.

April 13, 2014: "The Gift of Anger"

Robert Drake, Pulpit Guest with Rodney Gothelf, Worship Associate

This sermon is about freedom and salvation.  Many of us run from our anger.  We have so many dysfunctional assumptions surrounding this powerful emotion:  I am not supposed to get angry. Anger hurts people.  What if I lose control? I'm supposed to be "nice," etc., etc.,  But we humans are approaching a place in our own and our planet's history when we must use the powerful energy of righteous and productive anger to save ourselves and our environment.  How do we untamp our voices to allow for our own freedom, healthy and satisfying lives, and the saving of our planet?  How do we harness and responsibly use the powerful blessing of our prophetic anger?

April 20, 2014: "Flower Communion - Easter"

Rev. Chip Wright, with Linda Haumann, Worship Associate

A celebration of the flowers, our children and dedications.

The story of how the flower service came to be a Unitarian Universalist tradition.

April 27, 2014: "Beyond the Boundaries" (first talk in the series, "Grace and Gratitude")

Rev. Chip Wright, with Dianne Estrada, Worship Associate

We live lives defined largely by parameters we set, boundaries.
Some are natural, like rivers and seas; others are of our own making.
These lines can stifle potential we never see unless we step outside our boundaries.

May 4, 2014: “Raise the Roof Beams” (Participation Sunday)

Rev. Chip Wright, with Bev Munyon, Worship Associate

A morning of old time church songs, with the focus, "many hands make light the work," a time to step up and volunteer in the life and works of UUCM!

Come sing, and learn about where your skills and time can join with others in helping "raise the roof beams" of our liberal religious community.